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TimeOff - employee vacation scheduling software

TimeOff is an employee scheduling program for businesses who need to keep track of vacations and other time off requests. Using a simple, intuitive‘ drag and drop’ method, you enter the date when an employee is absent and the reason why. TimeOff will also help you track employee benefit balances all according to the accrual rules and benefit policies that you choose to enter. The TimeOff calendar will keep you up to date on who’s not coming in on which day, and what kind of leave they’re using. Managing attendance in the workplace is suddenly quick and easy!

Employee vacation scheduling software

TimeOff tracks employee attendance by category, and you can adapt it to suit your business and your rules. This time and attendance software is easy to use, and comes with clear instructions in the user manual and a useful on-line help file.


TimeOff for tracking employee vacation time and managing employee benefits – click here for more screenshots.
Tracking employee vacation time is easy - click here for more screenhots!



TimeOff is an easy way of tracking employee vacation time.

Using our time and attendance software is very simple – employee attendance tracking and benefits management can be done in five easy steps.

Step 1. Enter Time Off Reasons
Enter all of the information about the reasons your employees were not at work. Use the Policy Wizard to enter information about employee benefit hours and how they are earned.
Screenshot – add reasons for absence to your attendance records!

Step 2. Enter Your Departments
Enter information about each of your departments. This will allow you to print reports by department as well as by employee, making attendance management a lot clearer.

Step 3. Add Your Employees
Enter information about your employees, and assign them to a department. Add the current number of benefit hours each employee has, so that TimeOff can correctly calculate how many hours the employee will have available.
Screenshot – TimeOff makes it easy to calculate employee benefits for everybody.

Step 4. Enter Time Off
Now you are ready to enter time off. Select the employee and reason, and drag the reason to the calendar on the main screen - that's how easy it is with our scheduling software! At the bottom of the screen TimeOff will show you just how many hours of each time off reason the employee has taken this year, how many benefit hours they have available, and the balance. You can add company wide days off, like holidays, by adding entries to the Global TimeOff screen.
Screenshot - vacation time tracking is simple with the Global function.

Step 5. Reporting
TimeOff will create a number of reports to help you use the data you entered, including a Time Off Taken, a Month Calendar Report and a Time Off Balances Report.
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New in version 2!

  • The ability to add comments to a Time Off entry.
  • The ability to have different policies for different types of employees for the same Reason.
  • Multi-user capabilities.
  • The ability to export Time Off Reports to Rich Text Format, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and HTML documents.
  • The ability to record and report in Time Off in either Days or Hours.
  • User defined data items for Employee records.
  • Different levels of access, so an Employee can only view their own information, a Manager can only view their own employees, and an Administrator can view all information.

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TimeOff pricing:

TimeOff is priced based on the type of user. An Administrator license allows the user to maintain all types of information (such as Employees, Time Off Reasons, Benefit Policies, etc.) as well as entering and updating Time Off entries. An Employee license allows the user to access only their own Time Off information. Each user must have either an Administrator or Employee license.

TimeOff 2 Administrator *
1 User $99.95 USD
2 + Users (each) $89.95 USD
TimeOff 2 Employee Access
10 User License Pack (per pack) $90.00 USD
TimeOff for Non-Profit Institutions
Contact us at for Special Pricing
* At least one Administrator license is required.

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