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These screenshots of our personnel scheduling program will show you quick and simple it is to use.
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The main screen of our employee attendance tracking software.

Main screen
This is the main screen of our employee attendance tracking software. The user can simply select an employee, select a reason for their absence, and drag the reason to the calendar to create an entry.
With TimeOff, tracking employee vacation time suddenly becomes very quick and easy!

Customize this time and attendance software to suit your business and your needs.

Unlike many other time and attendance products, TimeOff is very easy to adapt and customize according to the needs of your business. The user can define their own reasons why the employee was not at work, and multiple policies can be created for each benefit and assigned to the appropriate employee.

Employee attendance tracking made easy!

Employee data
Enter information about your employees, and assign them to a department. This way you can generate reports by Department as well as by Employee. Employee attendance tracking and benefits management is much easier when you can add your own information items for each employee.
Personnel scheduling for the entire workplace!

Global data
TimeOff also helps you with personnel scheduling for the entire workplace. Add a time off entry just once, and it will automatically be applied to all active employees (this is ideal for company holidays.)


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